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Transatlantic Trade and Consult (Gregor Waldhauser e.U.)

Transatlantic Trade and Consult (Gregor Waldhauser e.U.)

Austria, Wien
Mr. Gregor Waldhauser, CEO

About Us

I am an international business consultant, with almost 30 years experience in international business development. My expertise is on the US market, followed by Southeast Asia and Japan, as well as European markets like UK and France. The services, that I provide are from intercultural training (business related training and coaching), to consulting on export and import questions, to establishing your company in the USA (no matter if a simple office or a factory) and creating a B2B network for your US subsidiary. My team of business partners and colleagues all over the United States and Southeast Asia support you no matter which industry or business. The company has offices in Vienna, Miami and Las Vegas

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Transatlantic Trade and Consult (Gregor Waldhauser e.U.)





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Apart from the regular service of business consulting, I am involved in many construction projects, mainly high end residential and hospitality (hotels and resorts), always looking for high quality interior design and outfitters (wood, metal, light, ...) as wells innovations in construction technology. Moreover I am looking for companies in the field of GreenTec and Greenbuild technology, from water technology to insulation of buildings etc. A newly acquired field is the wellness and spa sector. The USA is in need of modern companies providing wellness and spa, medical wellness equipment, cosmetics, solutions of all kinds, including trained and certified coaches.


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Mr. Gregor Waldhauser CEO