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AlfaCAD s. r. o.

AlfaCAD s. r. o.

Slovakia, Bratislava
Mr. Gabriek Frank, Technick√Ĺ konzultant

About Us

AlfaCAD s.r.o. was founded with intent to "Help partners produce with profit". This means - Helping to simplify and automate production processes, streamline production, increase work safety as well as increase the technological level of production facilities. We are a young company with team of professionals and rich experience. We have over 20 years of experience and expertise, which we gladly provide for the benefit of our partners. Our services consist of: design and manufacture of AlfaPROFILE aluminum modular system - production of standard conveyors - belt, roller, modular, magnetic, chain ... - design and manufacture of the AlfaTUBE tubular modular system, implementation of the 5S and AlfaORG Slimming Principles - design and delivery of certified safety and security barriers and AlfaSAVE zones - supply of a complete assortment of technical plastics AlfaPLAST and their products - CNC machining and production of plastic and aluminum products according to individual requirements - automation of production. - professional 3D printing and services (CAD, construction, production, prototyping) What will our cooperation provide you with? - savings on production funds - saving time - increasing the efficiency and productivity of your work - cost savings for maintenance and repair - delivery of required products and services within agreed deadlines - we fullfill our promises

Areas of Activity

  • automotive
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Mr. Gabriek Frank Technick√Ĺ konzultant